Practice these Yoga Asanas for Healthy & Glowing Skin!

Dr. Rohini Somnath Patil
2 min readJun 26, 2020
Dr. Rohini Somnath Patal

Hello everyone! Practicing Yoga Asanas help increase blood circulation to the head and face area, which will give you a naturally-beautiful skin tone. Yoga also helps to stimulate our nervous system along with bringing more oxygen and blood flow to the brain, boosting our metabolic rate and boosting our energy levels.

Practicing these asanas will clear your skin of toxins and pollution:

1. Pranayama: It is said that Pranayama is the ideal regulator of life currents, or Prana through the controlling of your breath. Through ages, Yogis have used Pranayama to calm their minds and solve various problems. Pranayama works on the respiratory system and removes any and all energy blocks. It helps purify the blood and also increases the supply of oxygen, all of which lead to great skin. However, you must remember that Pranayama alone is not enough to solve your skin woes. It must be done in combination with the asanas to be more effective.

2. Sarvangasana: It is also known as the shoulder stand and is considered the most effective yoga asana for glowing skin. It helps in improving skin texture and quality by promoting blood circulation towards your face. Practicing this asana 3 to 5 times a day will rid your skin of pimples, acne, wrinkles and dullness.

3. Bhujangasana: Although it’s a relaxing cobra pose that helps to reduce tension, stress and fatigue, it also helps in skin rejuvenation by supplying extra oxygen to the skin cells which in turn helps the body to flush out the accumulated toxins from the system.

4. Utthanasana: This forward-bending pose promotes blood flow to the face and makes it one of the most functional poses for glowing skin. This yoga pose not only increases oxygen supply to the skin cells but also supplies helpful nutrients that fight the damage caused by free radicals and encourages skin rejuvenation.

5. Tadasana: It is also known as the Mountain Pose, and this simple standing pose helps to concentrate on deep and rhythmic breathing that is a vital element of healthy skin. Getting in more oxygen through controlled breathing helps the body to release harmful toxins and keep the skin healthy and glowing.

Yoga is a management system for life, and it is the most holistic approach to life because it strengthens, tones and cures by working on the body, mind and soul. It has had a spectacular impact on my life, and I know it will be on yours too. :)

Stay healthy and live well 💙

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